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By Kevin Pezzi, MD


1. Do doctors become aroused during pelvic exams?
2. The VIP syndrome and its relevance to treating beautiful patients

Q: You mentioned in one of your Q&A pages that sometimes docs can indeed become excited during a pelvic exam (although not often). So is it accurate to say that normal male docs can become aroused by looking at and touching a patient's vagina during a pelvic exam? I've really become concerned about this and would like more information. Thanks!

Answer by , MD: I would not worry about docs becoming aroused during pelvic exams. It is RARE, and even if a doctor is aroused, only a moronic doctor would act on it. I've personally known (and written about) one doctor who did just that, and he lost his medical license. The last I heard, he was in Saudi Arabia. If he touches any of their women inappropriately, they'll probably cut his head off. I briefly mentioned this story in True Emergency Room Stories and discussed it in detail in Love & Lust in the ER. You can download both of those books free from my site. You can also read all of the ER stories in the Love & Lust in the ER book on that site (see this page for a complete list, or this page for that particular story).

Incidentally, here's a tip on how to stop any such inappropriate conduct in its tracks: Just say, "Doctor, do you like having a medical license?" 'Nuff said.

Location of heart sounds on the chest wall
This photo illustrates the points of auscultation
for the heart sounds on the chest wall of a
woman with large breasts. This will help
you understand what I was talking about
in the story about the stewardess.

I am curious. Why are you concerned about this? Are you exceptionally attractive? If so, you should worry about something else that is far more likely to affect you. I wrote about this on my other ER web site. Basically, it is a variant of the VIP syndrome. I wrote about that, too. Remember Jackie Gleason, the comedian? His death was traceable to the VIP syndrome. I discuss the VIP syndrome in Love & Lust in the ER and on the site on this page in which I explain its relevance to one of my patients who was a stunningly beautiful stewardess.


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