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MySpamSponge logoMySpamSponge is a free site I developed that anyone can use to block all of their spam, but never any legitimate messages. With MySpamSponge, you communicate using handles instead of e-mail addresses. A handle is essentially a contact code that gives people a way to contact you via e-mail without you having to reveal your e-mail address. Similarly, you can send a message by using the recipient’s handle as the address (mine is ERdoc).

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MySpamSponge really works. I previously received several thousand spam messages per month. Now it's zero.

MySpamSponge has another great benefit: it allows you to eliminate your incoming spam filter. Those filters often simplistically block messages containing words and phrases like amazing, call now, can't live without, cash bonus, additional income, guarantee, insurance, once in a lifetime, opportunity, what are you waiting for?, and countless others that might be found in spam messages OR legitimate messages. Consider this message:

Dear Ingrid,

Meeting you was a once in a lifetime opportunity. You are an amazing woman and I can't live without you! I know you dumped me because I didn't have a job, but I am now working as an insurance agent and making additional income through my stock investments. I guarantee that I can give you everything you always wanted. With my last cash bonus, I bought a limousine—I know how much you hated to be seen in my old junker!

What are you waiting for? Please call now, and I'll have my chauffeur pick you up for dinner tonight.


That message is obviously not spam, but it contains every suspect word or phrase I mentioned above, so a spam filter might block it . . . and Brad and Ingrid might not live happily ever after. :-( Of course, spam filters are even more likely to axe messages containing words like sex or Viagra, yet they can be found in many legitimate messages, too.

MySpamSponge is THE solution to spam. In the years since I released it, other programmers have been working overtime trying to think of a way to stop spam. The spam problem is now worse than ever; their approaches just aren't good enough. Even the best minds at multi-billion-dollar corporations like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and Norton can't offer a solution that is nearly as effective and powerful as MySpamSponge. Their "solutions" allow some spam (or a lot of it!) to get through, but worse yet, they can block legitimate messages. If you're in business or otherwise don't want to risk losing a valuable message their simple systems label as spam, you must manually check your "bulk mail" or "possible spam" folder again and again. One study found that an average worker spends almost a week over the course of a year weeding out spam. It's a waste of time! Invest a minute into signing up for MySpamSponge now, and you will save hundreds of hours in the future.

The MySpamSponge FAQ page presents other compelling reasons to use my free service, such as protecting your computer, online (& offline) identity, and much more.

Instead of posting a written answer to your question, I may give you an Audio Reply™ that you can listen to on my site, or your iPod (or other MP3 player). I have limited time for answering questions, so I will give preference to people who submit an MP3 file of their question(s) that I can post on that site or elsewhere. When you submit your question in writing, please mention that you wish to also submit it as an MP3 file. I will explain how you can send that file to me.

To contact me, see the above MySpamSponge link.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All questions and comments submitted to me become my irrevocable property and may be published in my Q & A forums, books, web sites, or in other venues. However, I will not reveal your last name unless you specifically authorize me to do that. Please omit any material that you do not want published.

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