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By Kevin Pezzi, MD


Please don't consult Dr. Pezzi for more information to help you become a doctor—I'm too busy!

Want this free book? Contact me.

UPDATE: Unless you have a pile of gold, I am more likely to respond to people with great questions even if they can't (or won't) pay. While I am generally too busy to answer questions, great questions have often motivated me to postpone what I'm doing to help others.

What I've written in my current books and web sites is just a fraction of the information I have about increasing intelligence and creativity, enhancing academic success, and achieving more than you ever thought possible. I hope to eventually have enough free time to allow me to reveal more of the tips that enabled me to go from a dunce in sixth grade to the top of my class in medical school. While I hope to find the time to do that, I may not, because of other priorities.

Realistically, I cannot set aside things that pay for things that don't, or pay very little. Given how little people are willing to pay for books, and how few people are interested in improving brainpower, it may be many years before I can reveal all of my tips. If you need the information sooner, you can pay to consult me. Choose any consultation amount from $500 to $10,000; by paying more, I will give more information.

If you cannot afford to pay yet want the information, try persuading your school or college to consult me so that my methods of augmenting intelligence and creativity can be taught to all of their students. Be prepared for resistance, because schools, teachers, and professors invariably think that they are already doing a superb job of educating their students. They impart knowledge, but do very little to substantially affect IQ. Researchers have now proven that intelligence can indeed be improved. My methods are more diverse and synergistic than theirs, so my methods can produce much better results.

Considering how doctors make much more money than most other people, the return on your investment could be very substantial, earning you millions of dollars more than what you paid me. Incidentally, it is advisable to consult me even if you have enough aptitude to become a doctor on your own, because I can improve your memory and make you even smarter. That increment in intelligence could enable you to enter a more lucrative specialty (such as neurosurgery instead of pediatrics), and to excel in whatever specialty you choose.

The consultation is pricey, but the benefits are priceless. I've worked with doctors who are brilliant, and doctors who are not. The ones who ultimately pay for a lack of brainpower are the patients.

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