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By Kevin Pezzi, MD


How to profit now from high SAT scores

by , MD

Acing the SAT test (and MCAT exam) can obviously help you get into medical school, which can increase your lifetime income by millions of dollars (incidentally, that is one reason why buying my Boosting Brainpower book is a wise investment in your future). However, increasing intelligence can enrich you now by upping your SAT scores, especially if you are a woman.

How? Guidelines (not laws) issued by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommend that women be paid no more than $10,000 for donating their eggs to help infertile women. Of course, intelligence is highly valued, and smarter mothers are more likely to produce smarter offspring. Consequently, it isn't surprising that some people are eager to pay much more than $10,000 for the eggs of bright women. If you are a bona fide genius, you can set your own price—the sky is the limit. If you are very intelligent and very attractive, your eggs are worth even more.

How much more? I know at least one couple offering $5 million for an egg donation from a brilliant young woman who is gorgeous and genuinely nice. Another couple is offering $2 million for the eggs of a female brainiac who is very pretty.

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A high SAT score from this model could help her earn millions
A high SAT score from this model could help her earn millions

Men contribute just as much to their offspring as women do (with the exception of mitochondrial DNA), but people are generally willing to pay much less for the sperm of attractive men with high IQs. I was asked to donate sperm during medical school, but I declined that offer—something I now regret. I never bothered to ask how much I would be paid, but I assumed that it would be the usual pittance. However, I now believe that money is much less important than contributing to the next generation.

Men receive less compensation per donation than women, but they can of course donate much more often, thereby narrowing the pay gap between male and female donors.

If you are a hot woman with a Mensa mind, you may be wondering how to connect with people willing to pay handsomely for your eggs. I will help you, at no cost to you or the recipients—whatever financial compensation you arrange is totally up to you. Interested? Contact me.

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